LED flashlight annual output value of 160 million

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The use of LED lighting technology, a new type of flashlight to save nearly 10 times the power, lighting up to 120 hours, greatly reducing the battery nickel and other heavy metals on the environmental pollution. Reporters learned yesterday from the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Guangzhou has 86 years of history, "Tiger Head" flashlight and LED new technology, the annual output value of 160 million yuan, and into Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other regions of the market.
With the "energy saving" and "environmental protection" concept has been deeply rooted in the hearts of people, with 86 years of history, "Tiger Head" flashlight, its manufacturer Huhui Group and Guangdong Guangdong Crystal Transtech Services, Shenzhen Stephen and other enterprises to jointly develop a new generation Drive boost circuit: drive IC to drive LED (light-emitting diode abbreviation).
According to reports, this new technology not only enhance the LED flashlight core technology, increase product value, but also greatly saves the cost. Reporters learned that from 2006 to start using LED lighting, flashlight prices from the previous 1-3 yuan, up to now nearly 5-6 yuan, significantly increased value-added products. Only one year, the group's annual output value rose to 660 million yuan, an increase of nearly 160 million yuan.
Now, "tiger head" flashlight has basically completed the product replacement, LED lighting products accounted for almost 95%. In addition to some special products, LED has been used instead of the original electric beads products.
Huhui Group, told reporters that some children in Guizhou mountain night every night to go home for two hours to go home, in the past they use the flashlight power quickly depleted. And their new research and development of LED lighting technology, lighting time up to 120 hours, do not worry about power depletion.
"Tiger head" LED flashlight since October 2005 put into production, into Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other regions, sold to more than 120 countries and regions. In the country more than 600 million yuan in the flashlight market, "Tiger Head" series of flashlight has accounted for 150 million yuan market share.
Although LED flashlight advanced technology, lighting a long time, but the cost is relatively high is still a big problem. Does the public buy it? Relevant responsible person said that the previous incandescent bulb with the cumulative lighting time of not more than 10 hours, it is easy to burn, switch to LED, the same 3V battery, lighting time can reach 120 hours or so, LED can use 100,000 hours, Basically will not burn. "Although our product prices are higher than the price of traditional flashlights, but such a comparison, which election a flashlight, consumers have a few hearts.


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