LED flashlight light source: neglected "blue ocean"

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In fact, the domestic packaging light source enterprises rarely for LED flashlight characteristics of the development of light source. This is mainly because the current domestic LED flashlight market competition has not yet entered the white-hot.
Reporters learned that the LED lighting market in the rapid development of today, commercial lighting, home lighting and outdoor high-power lighting because the huge volume has always been the focus of attention. Philips, Osram, wood Linsen, sunshine and other enterprises have to attack the city, and constantly enrich their product line.
As the largest market in addition to building lighting, consumer portable lighting market, especially one of the LED flashlight market, because the beginning of the major industry giants have been ignored, but no bullets competition, fluorescent so intense.
According to the Institute of Engineering Industry (GLII) survey data, although the first quarter of this year, China LED packaging industry output value reached 13.72 billion yuan, an increase of 23.2%, but the price increase is still the entire LED packaging industry, the main style, Product prices fell more than 30% year on year, or even higher.
In the case of product prices plummeted, more and more packaging companies began to pay attention to have great potential LED flashlight market.
Therefore, many packaging companies to maintain the flagship product at the same time, in some price objective and lucrative segments of the field work, such as mobile portable lighting market in the LED flashlight light source. As a leader in the domestic white packaging, Hongli Optoelectronics will naturally not miss this opportunity.
In fact, LED flashlight technology threshold is not high, many companies can intervene in this industry.
Reporters visited the survey found that the major lighting stores in Shenzhen and hardware stores are almost "long" "Yage" and other small brands occupied by some of the big brands of flashlights, although there is, but not the mainstream. And in the major business platform, selling the best LED flashlight, are not big brands.
Nevertheless, the Shenzhen Shenhuo Optoelectronic Equipment Co., Ltd. after-sales technical service leader Nie Sheng that "simple lighting is that we all do, but it should be done in the optical design to achieve some breakthrough is not easy." Shenhuo photoelectric is a professional manufacturer of LED flashlight, especially in the bright LED flashlight has its own brand "SupFire".
Unfortunately, because some of the core technology by the international giants of the monopoly, many domestic packaging companies can only use other packaging technology, but the effect has always been unsatisfactory. So the corresponding, domestic and less packaging light source business specifically for LED flashlight characteristics of the development of light source.
Reporters search the power of some of the platform selling some of the top flashlight, most of them claim to use the United States CREE lamp beads, there are some poor cottage products.
It can be said, to do LED flashlight, the most critical, or condenser and irradiation distance. "In particular, some light flashlight, the requirements of the LED light source is relatively high." Nie Sheng stressed.
It is understood that LED light flashlight mainly by the lamp part of the body part of the tail cover part of the circuit and the battery part of the composition. Among them, the lamp cap generally by the head cover, transparent pieces, lamp cup, lamp, light source, is the most critical part of the LED flashlight.
"Because the LED flashlight light source is used in high-power lamp beads, in a closed environment on the heat requirements are relatively high.
Heat solution is not good, it will produce serious light failure. "Levy is a professional lighting product development and production enterprises, in order to avoid product quality problems, the company's flashlight lamp beads are 




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